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Working with your EGO| Day 5

Todays Aim- to create a different way of reacting to your inner critic and to step out of your automatic patterns

I highly doubt that there is a way to completely eradicate the ego. Maybe the Dalai Lama has, but let's keep our expectations reasonable, shall we? We can definitely reduce the ego's frequency by becoming more mindful of it and then choosing how to best react.

I understand how hard it is not to take its comments to heart, especially if they are being said to you over and over again. Then, if the same comments are being said externally by people other than yourself, it's hard not to take it as a confirmation of what your ego said originally. What we need to remember is, that not all thoughts are fact. Using the attached worksheet here, you can follow my 3 step guide to begin rebalancing and reframing your thoughts. It is only a basic method for now, but it may help you begin to switch perspectives.

In a nutshell, take one of the most common comments in which your ego makes. Begin to rebalance the comment by checking if the comment is factual or not. Are you actually an idiot? What defines an idiot? Maybe, you just didn't understand the question. Rebalance the thoughts- how would you interpret the situation from your authentic self without any judgements? What would you say to a friend if they called themselves an idiot?

Other ways in which you can work with your ego can include:

  • Looking for the good in a comment- maybe my ego is trying to let me know that this job isn't right for me. Will I enjoy it?

  • Use humour if it fits with your nature.

  • Explore the meaning of the comment. Is there a wider purpose? Am I sabotaging myself?

  • Thank your ego for its input, but then remind it of why it is not in control.

  • Begin a list of all the comments that your ego may say to you and re-write them, replacing any harsh words with softer, more manageable terms. Keep the list on you, so that if you feel weighed down by your ego, you can remind yourself of what your authentic self is really saying.

Goal - The voice in my head is not who i am. I am the one that sees it.

I hope you enjoyed this mini-series and I hope you gained a little insight into your little gremlin.

Make friends with it, as you are going to have to live with it for the rest of your life.

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