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This is Life's No.1 Secret!

What if everything you had ever come to understand about how life is lived was wrong?

The genius, Albert Einstein once said '"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

Life is the best game of them all and as humans, we should be grateful that we get to play it. However, not all of us hold the same viewpoint. Some people in their lives may have said phrases such as:

"I hate my life"

"Nothing works out right for me"

"Life is against me"

"I'm never going to get anything out of life, so what's the point?"

It is likely that most of us have said one of the phrases above or something similar and we have only said such phrases because, underneath all of the emotions that are clouding our judgement , we ultimately believe or assume that the world influences how we act, how we think and how we feel.

Here is the general view of life:

We experience life from the outside-in.

This means that whats happens to us on the outside determines our experience on the inside.

Here, people, circumstance or 'things' make us feel a range of emotions. Our goal in the game of life is to attract, build, develop and engage with the best types of people, circumstances and things in order to have more of the positive emotions over the negative ones.

This assumption is FALSE!


Well, here is the truth:

The one thing that we are in complete control of is our thought. Which means that we live in the feeling of our thought, not in the feeling of the world around us.

To break it down a little, I have created 2 lists. The first is what is out of our control and the 2nd is what is within our control.

What we CANNOT control

  • The thoughts and feelings of others

  • What happens outside or around me

  • The physical functions of my body

  • The actions of other people

  • The past

  • The words of other people

  • Words that pop into my head sporadically all day long

  • My initial emotions

What we CAN control

  • My attitude

  • The words I say

  • My actions and behaviour

  • How I interpret what happens

Ultimately all of the things that we can control descend from thought. Thought is the essence of everything that we can control.

Some people may believe that we can control our emotions. Feelings are innate and once recognised through thought can be intercepted and guided to change. Therefore emotions are open to interpretation.

I don't believe we do have control over our emotions. I do believe however that we do have control over how we deal and process them.

How can this help me?

We all experience negative emotions and get caught up in stressful situations. We believe that others should be thinking the way we do, hold our opinions or do the same thing as us.

Michael Neill, author of the Inside out Revololution sets us straight,

Once we stop fighting with ourselves and others about what to think and instead focus on the miracle that we are thinking, the details of life begin to work themselves out.

In a nutshell, become aware of what you can and cannot control. Founder of The 3 Principles, Sydney Banks has wise words to say on the game that is life.

"And in the game of life, we are all searching for ourselves. When I say selves, I mean inner selves, the thing that created the life in the first place"

You create life. Life does not create you!

Begin to understand this and you will be able to power on through, options and choice will open up when you need them and you will gain innate confidence that will help you realise the truth to all struggles.

Find Michael Neill's book- The Inside-out Revolution on Amazon!

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