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The 1st step to Transformation!

As humans, it is in our nature to want a 'quick fix' to life's issues. And unless it is a lick of paint you are after, which is really only covering the shit underneath, there is no such thing.

But, I can tell you where to begin to gradually change your life for the positive.

What do I need to do?

To begin any form of recovery or get out of your 'stuck in a rut life', first thing is first, you have to fall flat on your face in the biggest, wettest, most disgusting pile of mud you can think of.

Have you got a picture in your head of what that would look like?

Begin the act of recognising.

After you have metaphorically spat a shit load of mud out of your mouth and yelled a swear word or two, you can now take stock of what is surrounding you in your imaginary mud bath.

Once you are able to recognise all of the icky, troublesome stuff going on for you, you are becoming aware that you then need to do something in order to get out of your metaphorical hole and stand back onto ground level.

You don't even need to accept that you have bad vibes, a problem, worries, issues (whatever you want to call the yuck) at this stage (but it helps)

All you need to do is to recognise that something in your life isn't right. Hell, you don't even need to know what exactly it is right now.

Recognising what is real creates awareness within you and in my opinion, awareness is the key to everything. The more awareness you can create and grow about yourself, the easier any form of recovery or development will be.


1. Grab a piece of paper, your favourite notebook or get an app up on your phone and bullet point anything that is causing you pain (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual).

Just list areas in your life, people, activities, thoughts, feelings, behaviours you have noticed yourself doing, anything that is making you feel yuck.

2. All I want you to do is read through your list.

It is not intended to make you feel bad about yourself. Try looking at it from a different perspective.

Read through your list with curiosity and ask "How can I make this situation better?" By asking this question, you are opening up your awareness to not only the yuck in your life but that there are options for you to take in order to make it better.

Using statements such as "I'm screwed" or "My life is a mess" takes away any options and just leaves you with one. 'That this is your life and that's it' Do not super glue yourself into this mould.

Let's create some flexibility.

3. Don't worry if it is a long list or even if it is a shortlist, it is your list. Nobody wins an award for having more or less yuck in their life, no matter what you think. You yuck doesn't define you, it is going to shape you!

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