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The Real Cause of YOUR Mental Illness!

You can find information easily enough on the web about what causes poor mental health. These include reasons such as:

  • childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect

  • experiencing discrimination and stigma

  • The death of someone close to you

  • severe or long-term stress

  • having a long-term physical health condition

  • unemployment or losing your job

  • homelessness

  • drug and alcohol misuse

  • domestic violence, bullying or other abuse as an adult

(These are only a few of the causes of ill mental health. All are sourced from mind.org.uk)

I am in no way disputing the causes above. They are all examples of traumatic events that can happen to any of us.


That is all they are- a traumatic event.

These events do not have mental illness attached to them.

Mental Illness develops because we attach ourselves to our traumas.

We do this unconsciously, therefore there is no personal blame to be labelled here. You are not at fault for your mental illness, let's get that straight now.

How does mental illness form?

Below is the general process of how a mental health problem can form.

The real cause of mental illness is not what happened to you. It is the effect the event had on you.

Yes, something bad, cruel or unfortunate happened, but it is through our unconscious thought process, our attachment to beliefs and stories that have determined how we act towards certain situations.

Your Power

My aim in telling you this is so that you can become aware of your true power. The power that you hold within to change the stories that you believe to be true and to alter your processes, to break free from the cycle that may lead you to relapse after relapse.

Becoming aware of the traumatic event/s that have happened to you is important, but not as important as awakening to the real process that is causing your mental health symptoms.

Here is a to the point, maybe harsh, but courageous truth and if you can accept this, you are beginning to really unleash your power.

You unconsciously paved the road for your mental illness to develop into what it is, but you can consciously stop it in its tracks and take full control of it.

p.s. Please do not think that I am blaming you for your mental health, all of us that have mental illness were unconscious to its development. But you are conscious of the truth, so it is up to you if you choose to accept, deny or even to just explore it. Nothing outside of you can make your mental illness better, only you can do that!

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