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Recognising Your EGO| Day 2

Todays Aim- to become aware of your inner critic and how you live with it on a daily basis.

Can you feel that there is something within you that would rather be right than at peace? This is your ego at work.

The ego lives on time, so the stronger the ego, the more it takes over your life. Have you noticed yourself being so fixated on what happened in the past or worrying so much about what might happen in the future? Almost every thought governed by the ego is concerned with the past or future. It uses your past for identification and your future for fulfilment in order to develop your 'sense of self'. You may notice that when you have these thoughts, corresponding emotions crop up too.

Anxiety, stress and worry are caused by too much ruminating about the future. Guilt, regret, sadness and all forms of non-forgiveness are caused by too much reflecting on the past. So, the next time you recognise yourself feeling anxious and are thinking about something that might happen in the future, label it as your ego!

The ego, not only governs our thoughts on the past and future, but it can also pop up during the present moment. In day 1, I mentioned that in a mindful state, the ego feels vulnerable, so you may be thinking how can it do me any harm in the present moment? The difference is that you have to be aware of the present moment. Be mindful! If you're not, its still the present moment, you're just not being aware of what you are doing/ saying etc. This is called being on autopilot and is a common way in which we live on a daily basis.

A way in which the ego is in control during the present moment is when you construct specific identities for individuals or groups of people by saying ‘this is who she is- she is a mean person, always putting other people down’ Here, you confuse the ego that you perceive in others to be their identity. When really, the labels you add to a person is the working of your own ego. It is using misperception to strengthen itself by being right and superior.

To be mindful of this, all you need to do is recognise what you react to in others. By doing this, you will start to become more aware of your ego.

NEWS FLASH- What you react to in others is also in you! Being aware of your ego does not mean you know who you are- it means you know who you are not.

Here are some other things to look out for that you may experience in day to day life. You have to remember that it is not your authentic self who is doing these things, it is your ego! Watch out when you notice any:

  1. Black and white thinking

  2. Using harsh criticism

  3. Repetition of negativity

  4. Argumentative

  5. Doubting

  6. Narrowed attention on problems

Download the worksheet here to continue recognising when your ego is around. Start to get used to the words and phrases that are most common for you and open up your awareness to how it makes you feel.

In day 3, we will look at how to begin disconnecting from your ego

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