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How to STOP cutting off Good Feelings.

I am going to get straight to the point in this post and that is that:

We do not need to create new positive emotion because it is already present within us. We create limitation.

Why do we cut off our positive emotions?

As humans, negative situations happen and we experience adverse emotions as a consequence. We get caught up believing that these gloomy emotions are in fact our default settings and that through experiencing positive external sources, we can create and manifest the feelings of happiness, joy and contentment. But it is, in fact, the opposite.

Our natural way of being includes felling wholeness, happiness and love. So when a negative emotion arrives, we begin looking for outside comfort and transformation. This initiates the process of cutting off from our natural state. We push ourselves further and further away without any conscious awareness of what we are actually doing.

What am I actually doing to myself by cutting off my positive emotion?

The return to your original settings is always available to you and because it is a natural way of being, it shouldn't take as much effort as you put in. The effort you put into to feel happy is forced- you are going against yourself. No matter how much you think you are trying to help yourself, you are actually slowing yourself down and creating limitation. As you start looking for more to cover up the negative, you leave the issue still alive. What you use to make yourself feel 'better' is only short term pleasure. You are limiting yourself from earning any longterm relief, which in fact just backs up your whole process of trying to recover from the negative situation in the first place.

How to stop?

There is no need to add this or add that into your situation to make yourself feel good. Instead of adding in your life, take away. Remove all of the negativity that surrounds you, the things that do not bring you joy- get rid of them. Face the negativity head-on, put your big person pants on and communicate, dispose of or cut out of your life- whatever action is needed, recognise what you have to do.

Have you ever decluttered your home or tidied your bedroom and felt feelings of ease, comfort and as if you have room to breathe? If you have, it is because of the way you freed yourself in order to reveal and get back to your natural state of wholeness. You didn't add anything to make you feel positive, in fact you took away the clutter that didn't serve you anymore.

You do not need to practice cultivating happiness or find ways to induce joy. Yes, you may have events, people, items, words and experiences that you associate with bringing you these feelings, but in fact, all they do is help you recognise that joy, happiness and love is within you. They themselves do not create a mound of the feeling and then give it to you like a gift. It is nice to have things in your life that you associate with positivity. But what I am trying to say is that you do not need them in order to change, create or fix your state of being that. moment. They do not control or define your emotional status. You can do that any time you like, all on your own. Take my final example as a gift for you to engage with your own thought about this blog post.

'Do you need to practice stepping off of the accelerator in your car if you want to slow down? No, you do not. Because as soon as you notice that you are the one stepping on the accelerator you can stop any time you like'.

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