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Do you want to be liberated?

Are you feeling stuck in your thoughts or feeling like you are going round and round in circles, unable to find a way out of whatever is getting you down?

Feeling 'stuck' can indicate internal conflict and sometimes you just need a new perspective, a different way of thinking or a something to trigger a light bulb moment for you.

I have curated a list of 13 thoughts had by people from all over the world. Maybe one of them will resonate with you or perhaps none of them will, but I hope they allow you to question your current thoughts and to open up your awareness to choice and possibility.

I don’t owe anybody an apology for disagreeing with them.

You are entitled to your own beliefs, your own opinions and you do not have to apologise because someone has different opinions to yours.

You do not have to become only what other people are comfortable with or understand.

It is your life that you are living, not your parents or your friends, yours. Therefore you have the right as a human being to have autonomy over what you do with it. And if you feel comfortable doing that, then it is fine. If other people feel uncomfortable, that is their issue to work through, not yours.

My life does not define me, I define my life.

What happens to you is not who you are, neither is anything external to you. You make the choices that create your life, therefore it is you and your internal control that defines how you live. Your life is your responsibility, own it!

There are many things you'll miss experiencing if you are too busy trying to keep them, rather than love them whilst you have them.

Stop living in fear of the future. Be in the moment, love in the present. Don't save things for that 'special day' or stress yourself trying to keep a person in your life. Whilst you are working so hard to beat uncertainty, look around and see what you are missing out on.

People cry at a funeral because the world is missing another heart, another soul, another person; not another pretty face or a perfect body.

People impact each other's lives, not because of the way they look, but how they act. You may believe that a toned body is your number 1 goal in life, but is it really that important over your character?

What you focus on expands.

If you believe that bad things always happen to you, hey presto- they will keep on happening to you. Your mindset is so important in how you see your life. If you are rooted in negativity, that's all you are aware of. Switch your perspective for the positive.

There is always a way, even when it feels least like it

This is such a strong belief of mine! There is always a solution to a problem, you just have to be conscious of it. Even with choice. When people say that they 'don't have a choice', what they don't realise is that they actually made the choice to decide that they don't have a choice.

Happiness is all in the details, the joy is all in the journey.

Happiness is not an end goal. I have said to myself so many times that 'I just want to be happy' as if that's my goal in life. But you actually feel feelings of happiness throughout the journey and being able to be mindful and realise that will allow you to live a totally different, fulfilled and glorious life.

You do not have to be loved by everyone to be worthy of love.

Basically, your self worth is not measured off of other peoples opinions about you. You already have the right to love; you do not need to earn it because it is already within you.

There is immeasurable joy in the small things.

Gratitude is such a strong positive emotion and being able to be mindful of the small things in life that bring you pleasure will constantly increase your positive emotional energy. Generally, 'small things' generate more meaning to us because of how they came to be in our possession. We make associations with them and what they mean to us.

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