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Daily Reminders for Your Mental Health

Sometimes you just need a simple list.

Because you cannot remember everything that you want to.

It is the little things that we tend to put to the back of our minds, saying to ourselves 'I know that' or 'I don't need to write that down'

But sometimes you do need to write it down, have it in front of you, look at it on a daily basis because we forget.

We do not take the time to remember these simple affirmations and recall them to ourselves in order to prompt positivity for the rest of our day.

So, take mine or make your own list. Daily reminders are personal to each of us. Think of sayings, quotes, beliefs that you align with and would find value in reading over every day.

Daily reminders

  1. The past cannot be changed.

  2. Opinions do not define reality.

  3. Everyone's journey is different.

  4. I cannot control what other people think or do, only my own thoughts and actions.

  5. A shift in perception can lead to the reality of a situation.

  6. Overthinking will lead to sadness.

  7. Happiness is found within, not from external pleasure.

  8. Positive thoughts create positive things.

  9. Life is a blessing- the best gift you can ever be given.

  10. Kindness is free.

  11. Health is the new wealth.

  12. Forgiveness releases all negativity.

  13. Inner peace is the new success.

  14. People are at different levels of awareness.

  15. You are feeling your thinking, not your life.

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