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One way to make Negative thoughts Positive.

What does this basic punctuation mark mean to you?

I take from it, that you are the author and the sentence is your life. If things get too much, don't just add a full stop-

I can't do this anymore.
I hate myself.
I want to give up.

Use the semicolon. They are not hard to get hold of or difficult to use in literature. It is simply a dot and another dot underneath it with a tail. It's the tap of a key on your keyboard or a pause in speech if you choose to speak your words aloud.

I can't do this anymore; instead, I am going to give my self-harm tool to someone that I can trust and will then try other, safer strategies until I get better.

I hate myself; although there is someone out there that loves me and if they can love me, why can't I? I have to live with myself every day, I might as well try and like this person.

I want to give up; however, I am stronger than this demon inside my head. I want to live so I can finally stick two fingers at it and prove that I am worthy.

What is the Semicolon Principle?

The semicolon principle is about extension when you are feeling stuck.

When used in a literacy sense, there is always room at the end of the line, even if you need another piece of paper, there is always room to extend the sentence. It doesn't have to stop. Extend the sentence and make it better, make it more impactful, humorous or knowledgable.

There is no reason why you can't do it with yourself as well.

A sentence can go on and on until it finally reaches a natural ending. That's the same with us. We all have our own natural ending which shouldn't be forced prematurely.

The semicolon is a safety barrier, much like the ones used in a game of bowling. We bounce off the safety of the barrier and into another direction. The semicolon changes the direction of our story and we can role off it as many times as we want to.


1. Take out a notepad or open up a word document up on your computer and write down three negative statements that you have noticed yourself saying a lot over the past month.

Examples could include;

  • I cannot do it.

  • I do not want to.

  • I am upset.

  • This is ridiculous.

  • I am pissed off.

  • It is not fair.

2. With each statement, replace the full stop with a semicolon (;) and think of one positive that is related to the situation in which you used the statement.

Think about the situation from a different perspective. Open your mind to the good.

3. Re-read each newly revised statement and when you next notice yourself use one of the negative statements, remember to extend!

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