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10 Best Ideas | Inside-Out Revolution by Michael Neill

Inspired by Clark Kegley's Youtube series '10 Best Ideas', I decided to kick off my own blog post series noting the best insights I have taken from an array of personal development books and podcasts.

It's only right that I begin this series with my No.1 personal development book of the moment.

My 10 best ideas include what I found to be either:

  • Interesting

  • Thought-provoking

  • Truthful

  • Actionable

The ideas below are not categorised in order of 'best to worst' or 'most impactful to least' They are simply 10 ideas that I took throughout the whole book.

1. "That which is truly alive in living systems is the energy of the spirit. What we are seeking is all around us all of the time."

What I take from this is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that within us is everything that we think we need to find from external sources. This is to include happiness, love and worth. We have been led to believe the opposite and it is apparent how many of us have tried and tested this method, only to find that things external to us 'money, career etc' don't bring us true happiness. Happiness comes from within us- our state of being.

2. "You are feeling your thinking, not your life."

Understanding how humans process information tells us that our thoughts affect what we feel. Something traumatic might happen to us, but it is our thoughts about that event that brings suffering. Michael goes on to say "The moment we see that every feeling is just the shadow of our thought, we stop being scared of our feelings and just feel them."

3. "Transformations are not the result of an intervention but rather the effect of a shift in our level of consciousness."

Reality changes when viewed from different levels of understanding. Michael talks about the 'elevator of consciousness' in his book and how our awareness and what we understand to be truth differs depending on the level of consciousness we are at. Therefore, the higher up our elevator goes, the more we become aware of and the way in which we act becomes more effective.

4. "You could no sooner be ‘not enough’ than a tree could be the wrong colour."

The colour of a tree is not wrong or right, it is an interpretation of the thoughts we have. Our perception of wrong and right has defined what colour the tree should be. Therefore, it is our own insight that determines what we see as truth. Just like being 'not enough' is a man-made construct, made up of ideas that we have been told to be true. But they are not the truth; only thought.

5. "Frustration is not feedback about our life, but feedback about the quality of our thinking at a particular moment."

We get frustrated not because of the event happening in our lives, but at the thoughts, we are having at that moment. If you approach an event or try to do something and then have the thought "I cannot do it", a feeling of frustration is created. You are reacting to the thought, not the event.

6. "Trying to fix things quickly doesn’t really help when you are headed in the wrong direction."

We often do this when things go wrong in life. We try to do everything in our power to make them right and create a 'quick fix' But when the quick fix doesn't work, we become agitated and stressed. Most probably the solution is that we need to change the direction in which we are going. To slow down and recognise that we need to make changes internally and not externally.

7. "You are not the pilot on the mission, you are the plane."

This represents what Michael says in another statement that "how things ultimately turn out is not up to us. It never was. But if we do our bit and play our part, it’s remarkable how far we can go." The universe, god, a higher power (whatever you believe in) is ultimately in control of life, we are just playing in the game.

8. "The moment we think a toxic thought, we get a toxic feeling as a warning signal not to proceed too far down the path."

This highlights how humans process information. I use a simple diagram to explain part of the process in the blog post 'The Real Cause of Your Mental Illness'

Become aware of your internal process and then it will affect how you act.

9. "There is nothing we can do that will quiet the mind faster than doing nothing to quiet the mind."

We can overthink the task of quieting the mind when it is racing with thought and sometimes that can cause more stress and thus increase the noise. Meditation has proven to still the mind, but sometimes getting into that meditative state can take longer than just doing nothing at all.

10. "The 3 principles are true for all people at all times- we are alive, we are aware and we think."

This one is my favourite and underpins the whole book in regards to 'Sydney Bank's 3 principles- mind, consciousness and thought' The element that makes humans all different is when free will is added. But essentially we are all the same, therefore the truth applies to all of us.

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